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Welcome to the site of Olga Muzician Studio, a lettering & graphic design studio based in New Jersey & New York. My specialties include lettering and illustration using bold colors and natural elements as well as food and chalk lettering.

I have worked with both start-ups and large corporations creating digital, food, and chalk hand-lettering, illustrations, branding, greeting cards, book covers, coloring books, and editorial designs. I studied art my whole life, starting out as a painter and transitioning to graphic design and now lettering and illustration.

When not working, I spend time on personal projects and various lettering challenges to keep my skills constantly evolving. Because of my background in fine arts, I love to include illustrations in my lettering work to give it even more of a hand-made and personal touch. 

On my days off, you can find me exploring new hiking trails, taking weekend road trips, biking, gushing over every dog I see on the street, and buying too many new pens at Blick Art Materials.

I'd love to work with you! 
Contact me if you've got an awesome project that you want to make a reality!

Select Clients: Papyrus, Snapchat, Tillamook, Harper's Bazaar, Piaget, Longchamp, Outnet, Hearst Corporation, London Jewelers, Juliana's Pizza.

Select Interviews & Press

Lama App Video Interview

VoyageChicago Interview

Womaze Interview

Work also appears in Digital Arts Online as part of a larger “Typing Feminism” project in collaboration with other female letterers and illustrators


Habit Reshaping Design (self-published book)

Typism Book 5

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